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Field Monitoring

Remote sensing based field monitoring is the basis for most of our smart farming solutions. We therefore provide a very extensive range of web interfaces. These can be extended or expanded according to your needs.

Whether optimizing field cultivation, or ensuring traceability and food safety, our monitoring solutions provide the information for managing field to fork food production.

Field and crop ­detection

Based on satellite data, we detect fields and the crops growing on them. Our algorithms detect with high reliability (R2>90%) the most common field crops grown in Central Europe since 2017. With appropriate calibration, the algorithm can also be used in other regions.

Our software solutions provide the following:

  • Automatic detection of fields and crops
  • Estimation of the relative yield level
  • Information advantage in field activity planning

Growth ­monitoring

Would you like to know how a crop develops and compare the development with other fields from the region. We calculate for selected crops and regions the growth and the relative yield potential.

Our software solutions provide the following:

  • Detection of crop growth stage
  • Regional yield comparisons
  • Growth monitoring for selected crops

Biodiversity ­quantification

For a better understanding of biodiversity correlations and a targeted intervention, a comprehensive data set that takes seasonal dynamics into account is required.

We focus on the closure of large data gaps, which widespread sample-based methods cannot provide.

AgriCircle supports with:

  • Satellite-based landscape monitoring
  • Drone-based quantification of plant diversity
  • Monitoring-based action planning
  • Satellite-based detection and monitoring of grazing to monitor cultivation intensity

Compliance ­violations

Satellite and drone technology helps monitor potential violations of regulations and label requirements.

AgriCircle supports with:

  • The detection of possible violations of water distance rules and the associated pollutions
  • Detection of non-biologically and biologically managed areas

Get to know our data, applications and services

Standard API

The most cost-effective solution is to connect to our standard APIs, which already include many field monitoring parameters.

Customized API

Many things you might ask for, we do not have to develop from scratch, but can be adapted based on existing solutions and customized to your needs and constraints.

Set up of a field monitoring

Design and implementation of a monitoring concept that is aligned with your needs. Integration of customized APIs and/or new developed ag-software components.

You benefit from

Food Safety

Control of the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Monitoring of regulations and purchasing guidance.


of biodiversity and soil vitality from field to fork.

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