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Decision-support for effective field management

Based on precise measurement data, we provide farmers with AI-based decision support to optimize field management.

This way, we help them to produce more effectively and in a more environmentally friendly way. Our decision support tools can be integrated into existing software solutions via APIs and are designed for providers of farm management systems and companies from the agricultural and food industry that want to better support farmers in the production process.

Risk-based Precision Farming

Risk maps help to target problems early and optimize inputs in the field. We have specialized in the detection of disease patterns and plant growth characteristics via remote sensing and provide a wide range of maps that stand out in points of quality and resolution. Feel free to challenge us!

Our software solutions provide the following:

  • Various crop indices (incl. chlorophyll content, leaf area)
  • Disease and infection risk maps
  • Plant growth and productivity maps
  • Fertilizer problem zone maps

Soil vitality control

AgriCircle has revolutionized the measurement of soil vitality with its Precision Sampling method. Based on more than 60,000 data points, 18 different soil parameters are calculated using AI to determine soil nutrient content. In addition, we have satellite-based models that allow soil moisture to be determined at 10x10m with unmatched accuracy.

Our software solutions provide the following:

  • Precision Sampling (Automated calculation of soil sampling points)
  • Soil property and nutrient maps (incl. P, K, Mg, pH, C)
  • Soil moisture/soil moisture probabilities
  • Soil zoning

Optimization of fertilization and crop protection

Our precise measurement data allow us to calculate maps for the application of fertilizers and plant growth regulators in high resolution and optimize their use. All algorithms have been developed and tested over several years of research and are continuously improved.

Our software solutions provides the following:

  • Optimization of the distribution and amounts of N/P/K and lime fertilization
  • Optimization of distribution and amounts of plant growth regulator
  • Creation of application maps based on selected parameters

Optimization of the
application time

To protect the soil and control plant growth, the timing of a treatment is crucial. With the calculation of the drivability we help to avoid soil compaction. In viticulture, we show how the quality of wine can be influenced by optimizing the time of leaf cutting.

  • Soil drivability evaluation depending on soil conditions and the used machinery
  • Recommendations for soil-conserving cultivation
  • Calculation of the leaf cutting point to influence the aroma substances in wine

Get to know our data, applications and services

Individual decision support for farmers

Design and implementation of a decision support that is aligned with your needs. Integration of web-based solutions with standard or customized APIs

Customized API

Many things you might ask for, we do not have to develop from scratch, but can be adapted based on existing solutions and customized to your needs and constraints.

Standard API

The most cost-effective solution is to connect to our standard APIs, which already include many field monitoring parameters.

You benefit from

Food Safety

  • The provision of guidelines for good agricultural practice
  • Less contaminated food


  • Stopping humus loss by reducing soil compaction
  • Humus formation with targeted improvement of soil vitality
  • Reduction of crop protection and fertilizer use

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