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Building local partnerships and ecosystems

Efficiently scaling regenerative agriculture practices in a region requires building local ecosystems that allow resources such as production equipment and ag machinery to be shared.

With our know-how and partner networks, we support entrepreneurs and investors of climate projects in building ecosystems that aim to close local soil nutrient cycles and promote regenerative agriculture practices.

The­ Challenge

I can’t do this alone …

Individual measures are no longer sufficient for climate-friendly agriculture. Systemic changes and better use of resources across farms are essential for a sustainable cultivation, especially in smaller farming structures.

For large-scale conversion to regenerative farming practices, on many farms additional investments in inputs that support humus formation and the creation of local nutrient cycles are required.

Different farm structures require different resources. A regional exchange helps to identify and make better use of synergies. This is particularly important for regional humus formation programs.

Solution­ Approach

Local nutrient cycles with biochar

One resource that is particularly suitable for the creation of such soil nutrient cycles is biochar. It is rich in plant nutrients and an effective CO2 storage and when produced with organic residues from agriculture an effective tool to increase the soil’s fertility and its CO2 storage. 

Regional production allows closing local soil nutrient cycle, but involves a higher initial investment, which can be more effectively managed through regional off-take agreements.

Biochar is also used to build an effective filtration system for wastewater treatment plants. In combination with the produced sewage sludge, local fertilizer production and thus local circular ecosystems can be realized.

Our Contribution

Support for the development of local circular systems and the use of biochar

We bring entrepreneurs and investors together and support them with the following services.

We support entrepreneurs with:

  • Consulting during concept creation and project submission
  • Searching for suitable realization partners
  • Finding financing solutions

We support investors in:

  • The project search
  • The project assessment
  • Project assistance and carbon monitoring

Your Benefits

Building new business models by leveraging local resources

The production of biochar is energy neutral, utilizing heat to dry the biomass and for the production of local fertilizer.

Biochar is rich in nutrients and an effective CO2 storage when produced with organic residues from agriculture – an effective tool to increase soil fertility and the soil’s CO2 storage.

Furthermore biochar has the following benefits:

  • lower acidity
  • better water retention
  • stronger plants
  • richer soil life
  • higher soil fertility
  • better seed germination

and thus overall for better soil vitality and higher yields.

Biochar has been used extensively as an adsorbent to remove toxic metals, organic pollutants and nutrients from wastewater. It also reduces methane and nitrogen oxide emissions from soils.

The increasing demand for biochar is giving rise to new business ideas. Benefit from our partner network and know-how in realizing them.

Investing successfully

Successfully investing in local resources.

Increasing demand for biochar

Demand for biochar is currently rising rapidly and is ideal for entering the market.

Flexible raw material supply

Biochar can be produced from almost any biomass.

Efficient binding of greenhouse gases

Biochar consists of 50-80% carbon and is therefore ideal for long-term carbon sequestration.

Closing nutrient cycles

The full potential of regenerative agriculture can only be achieved if regional collaborations are increased and nutrient cycles are closed.

Climate-friendly fertilizer

In combination with compost and sewage waste, biochar can be used to produce climate-friendly fertilizer.

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