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Interconnecting and consulting farmers

We are excited to share our experiences in regenerative agriculture with others. We do this mainly by involving our partner network, illustrating the success of regenerative agriculture with examples and guiding newcomers in the transition.

AgriCIRCLE stands for connecting partners and solutions in agriculture and food production since 2013.

The challenge

I only believe it when I have seen it …

Regenerative agriculture has become a fashionable term, although few farms have adopted the practices associated with it.

Anyone who wants to produce regenerative products must first convince the farmers that a change in production will also pay off. This is not always easy, as the founder of modern agricultural chemistry, Justus von Liebig, allegedly said:

“There is no profession which requires a greater degree of knowledge for its successful exercise than that of the farmer, and none in which the actual ignorance is greater”.

Our­ Approach

Demonstrate and convince instead of promise

From one farmer to the other, we try to demonstrate the effects and possibilities of regenerative agriculture and thereby convince practitioners and interest groups.

The analysis and review of one’s own farming practices form the basis for participation in one of our carbon farming programs.

Farmers are best convinced to change their farming practices when they see that it has worked on another plot. Some farmers still believe that regenerative farming practices negatively impact their profitability. Showing rather than promising is usually more effective in changing this belief.

Our Contribution

Creating and linking local agricultural networks

With the help of our network, we demonstrate the possibilities of regenerative agriculture practices to farmers and interest groups. In doing so, experts from our network support analyzing and planning the transition to regenerative practices.

We support farmers in:

  • Building local networks for knowledge exchange
  • Peer-to-peer know-how transfer by bringing in our network
  • Organizing field visits and knowledge sharing events
  • Creating and communicating humus building programs
  • Impact monitoring

We support food producers in:

  • Rebuild and expand existing sourcing network
  • Establishing a sustainability program based on regenerative agriculture with or without product labeling

Your benefits

Sustainable production thanks to regenerative products

Our experience and processes support you in developing your own programs or implementing appropriate actions to meet your climate goals.

At the same time, we support farmers in gaining know-how and implementing new farming practices.

With this, we help to secure the demand for regenerative products in the long term.

Long-term partnerships

Regen Ag program which is aligned to your sourcing network and partnerships.

Ambitious climate targets

Cost-effective realization of climate targets.

Farmer support

Contributing to sustainable agriculture and combating climate change.

CO2 reduction along the value chain

Impact with link to own value chain (insetting).

Scalable sourcing standards

for building long-term relationships and buying climate-friendly products.

Backed by science

Guided by science and supported by the European Union.

We are here for you!

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