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Platform for certification of carbon farming and emission reductions

Removing carbon from the atmosphere is the only way to truly negate or reverse carbon emissions. Humus in soils is the world’s largest terrestrial store of organic carbon. Therefore, increasing humus is critical to not only reduce, but negate carbon emissions.

Effective incentive systems for farmers are the key to this change. Reliable monitoring of carbon sequestration in the soil and open interfaces for the exchange of carbon credits and allowances form the basis for an incentive system with a credible and sustainable impact.

The Challenge

NET-ZERO but how?

Today, over 65% of emissions for food production occur in agriculture. The solutions for climate-neutral food production must therefore begin in the field.

While the NET-Zero strategies of many companies today focus on offsetting their own emissions outside their own value chain, this offsetting is increasingly coming under public scrutiny in the food industry, as it does not improve the footprint of their own products and it is often unclear on what basis such offsetting takes place.

Solution Approach

Creating incentives for carbon farming

No other natural process removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than photosynthesis. Carbon farming creates new incentive systems to sustainably support this natural sequestration process.

While in the past there was a lack of accurate and scalable measurement methods to monitor carbon sequestration, the measurement methods developed by AgriCircle provide the necessary basis to create credible incentive schemes for carbon farming.

Join us in creating your own carbon farming incentive scheme to help farmers combat climate change and reduce emissions from food production.

Our Contribution

Open interface standards and precise measurements

In collaboration with leading food producers, AgriCircle is currently building a platform for the reduction and elimination of greenhouse gases with automated certification processes. The aim is to simplify the exchange of carbon certificates within the supply chain using standard interfaces.

The measurement and monitoring method developed by AgriCircle serves as the basis for carbon monitoring in the field and is already being used in several European countries. The method can be combined with complementary models for the determination of GHG and integrated into existing processes.

AgriCircle calculates carbon storage for each field and issues a carbon storage certificate to the buyer. These certificates can be exchanged between farmer and food producer via open interfaces.

Your Benefits

Create incentives for a sustainable supply chain

Many food manufacturers have set ambitious targets to reduce their footprint across the value chain.

The development of carbon-neutral food production systems is more credible and effective than offsetting CO2, as it ensures responsibility for the entire production process.

We support you in developing and implementing your incentive program for realizing such systems and ensure the necessary trust through reliable verification.

Carbon Platform

Carbon platform with the most precise measurement process in the market.

Carbon pilot programs

Ongoing carbon pilot programs in 3 regions.

Achieving climate targets

A must have for achieving ambitious climate targets in the food industry.

Ambitious scaling 

By 2026, we want to help our customers store 10 million tons / CO2-eq per year in the soil.

Wide acceptance

Method with broad acceptance in science and industry.

Fair financial compensation

Fair financial compensation for farmers with up to 400 €/ha per year.

We are here for you!

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