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Regenerative Agriculture

Empowering farmers to combat climate change means creating tools, networks and incentives for sustainable, regenerative agriculture.
That is what we do.

Decision support for the active control of soil health

Highest precision with the best cost-benefit ratio

Understanding the soil is the basis for optimizing the cultivation of plants that grow on it. The heterogeneity of soils poses a challenge to conventional measurement methods to map soil properties with the necessary precision in a cost-efficient way.

AgriCircle’s AI-based Precision Sampling process provides a comprehensive understanding of soil for targeted improvement of soil vitality and crop yields. The precision of our method is superior to current modeling approaches for determining carbon sequestration and is thus an important differentiating factor for a credible CO2 compensation model. 

Interconnecting and consulting farmers

A climate-neutral supply chain starts in the field. The work to make it a reality starts with the farmers.

Apart from climate change, the shift to regenerative farming practices is probably the biggest challenge for agriculture in the next 30 years.

We are regenerative farmers working with regenerative farmers and sharing our experience to build local networks and incentive systems. We are currently active and growing in five European countries.

Platform for certification of carbon farming and emission reductions

Incentives for farmers to combat climate change

Building humus is critical to not only reduce but negate carbon emissions.

Functioning incentive systems for farmers are key to making this change. Reliable monitoring of carbon sequestration in the soil and open interfaces for the exchange of carbon allowances form the basis for an incentive system with a credible and sustainable impact.

Services, Data and Interfaces

Individual project support

In addition to the services described above, we offer individual project support for the planning and implementation of carbon farming projects. Contact us and let us know more about your challenges.

We are here for you!

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