Solutions for intelligent food production

Our commitment to better food

The agro-food industry is the second largest sector in the EU, employing 48 million people.
Europe’s food industry is worth €750 billion a year.
One third of all food produced is wasted.
Food loss reduces smallholder farmer incomes by at least 15% every year.

AgriCircle strives to make a difference in the production of food. We contribute our knowledge and expertise to bridge the gap between cultivation and consumption.

Relevant information from the field reaches the consumer. The resulting transparency creates trust and incentives for more sustainable production. 

This benefits farmers, consumers and our environment. Sustainable and profitable agriculture is possible and we are ready to prove it!

Our Mission

More than just idealism

Transparency & efficiency

We all eat more and more consciously and attach more and more importance to a healthy diet. We want to know where our food comes from, how it was produced and whether and how much damage it may have caused to the environment. We provide all the relevant information from the field that they need, while at the same time we want to ensure that the data contributes to more effective food production and income generation for farmers.

Latest technologies

Technology helps us to monitor and improve food production. By using satellite and drone imagery and algorithms based on it, we can ensure that plants are grown in a healthy environment, optimize yields, and enable farmers to respond to field problems in a timely manner.

Holistic view of the production chain

Looking at the food production chain as a whole opens up new opportunities for stakeholders at every stage. Combined knowledge and know-how help us to follow the product's path from the field to the consumer. Providing a chain that ensures traceable food quality is important not only to increase consumer confidence but also to create the right incentives in agriculture.

Our special ingredient: Care

It may seem trivial, but we put our hearts and souls into what we do. Here at AgriCircle we do our best to make the world a little more sustainable for all of us. We care about the environment, we care about our customers and we are committed to making things run smoothly through our platform. Which makes it absolutely unique.

Food Production 4.0

The contribution that AgriCircle makes to sustainable food production goes beyond the field

Farming & agriculture

  • Disease detection 
  • Decision support for the farmer
  • Measurable proof of sustainability
  • Data for incentives for sustainable field management and increased production

Storage & logistics

  • Identification and separation of risk tranches
  • Single-pack tracking
  • Sensor technology for monitoring during storage and transport


  • Basis for incentives for sustainable products
  • Basis for proof of quality in the premium segment 
  • New tools for interaction with customers and farmers

Retail & distribution

  • New tools for differentiation and customer loyalty
  • Better restrictions on recalls Incidents


  • Informed purchasing decisions
  • Food better tailored to the needs
  • Verifiable quality and safety standards
  • Greater choice of sustainably produced food

Food Safety

We want food to be grown on healthy fields. The use of pesticides and fertilizers is optimized. Infected (toxic) tranches should be identified and eliminated at an early stage.


We want to protect the environment by optimizing the use of resources in agriculture and reducing emissions and food waste.


We want to create trust by enabling consumers to trace the origin of food.

Our technologies

How can they help?

Food monitoring

  • Field and crop detection
  • Growth monitoring
  • Compliance violation detection
  • Biodiversity quantification
safety traceability

Detect fields and crops on fields automatically.

Estimate relative yield in an area.

Have an informational advantage for improved activity planning.

safety traceability

Detect crop growth stages for best recommendations and improved yield comparisions.

High precision for rice.

safety traceability

Detect potential violation of water body distance rules and respective increased pollution.

Detect non-organic and organic fields.

safety traceability

Detect landscape structure (e.g. wood, infrastructure).

Detect grassland and cuttings to estimate intensity level.

Detect distribution of plants on a field.

Harvest optimization

  • Weeds
  • Mycotoxins
  • Diseases and infections
  • Physical damage
safety sustainability

Detect potential weed infestations.

Identify weeds and infested areas in order to tailor crop protection.

Identify PA (poisons) weeds that contaminate the produce.

Improve activities to fight weeds.

safety sustainability

Detect mycotoxins before harvest.

Identify areas to harvest specifically for further use.

Reduce decontamination cost in supply chain.

Improve quality of produce.

safety sustainability

Detect infections of crops.

Ideentify and quantify diseases.

Define best timing to spray crop protection and plant activators through drone measurements.

Reduce the use of chemicals.

safety sustainability

Quantify mechanical damage in crops.

Detect potential issues with mycotoxins because of produce damage.

Field decision support

  • Precision farming base
  • Distribution amount optimization
  • Treatment timing optimization
  • Assessment of field driveability
safety sustainability

disease risk,

soil zoning and soil moisture,

growth rate and fertiliser issues,

crop productivity,

various crop indices,

calculation of soil probing points

safety sustainability

Algorithm for distribution and amount calculation.

Generate application maps based on up to 3 different base maps to optimize usage of chemicals and fertilisation.

safety sustainability

Generate infection risk maps.

Calculate leaf cutting point to impact aromatics in wine.

safety sustainability

Assess driveability for each area depending on soil condition and machinery.

Get recommendations for better soil conservation.

Farm analytics

  • Field activity reporting
  • Compliance reporting
  • Field-based CO2 reporting
  • Farm-based biodiversity
safety traceability sustainability


  • Improved machinery data interconnection
  • Remote tracking and control
safety traceability
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