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What we stand for

We are the leading company for digital decision support tools that empower the transformation to regenerative agriculture.

AgriCircle is a platform for innovation in agriculture. Together with our partners, we develop digital solutions to increase productivity and sustainability.

We work closely together with research and industry partners to bring innovations to market quickly.

We are leaders in data modeling and processing complex data structures for building decision support tools.

Our web-based solutions provide flexible support to farmers. Their development is guided by the following core values.


We offer solutions that enable food to be produced more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner, i.e. early detection of diseases, pests and physiological changes in plants and thus a targeted use of auxiliary materials.

Agriculture is both a culprit and a victim of climate change. On the one hand, it influences the climate by releasing greenhouse gases, and on the other hand, climate change affects agricultural production conditions. Agriculture is responsible for about 12% of greenhouse gases but also acts as a storage site (humus-rich soils also act as CO2 sinks). Digital solutions enable more effective and efficient use of resources and help farmers to produce food more sustainably. Utilizing field monitoring, diseases and infections can be detected at an early stage and pesticides and fertilizers can be used more effectively.

People and health

New technologies enable full transparency along the entire value chain.

Satellites and drone-based field monitoring allow not only the optimized use of resources but also easier traceability of food from field to fork. The early detection of infestation by field monitoring reduces crop failures and reduces the use of chemical treatments. Both provide the base for healthier food production.


We are constantly working on new IT solutions that provide farmers with better data and decision-making bases.

A strong product requires innovation. AgriCircle has invested heavily in the collection and automated analysis of remote sensing data for many years. With new models, we give the farmer a better basis to understand his soil, crop condition and thus for better decisions on treatments.


Thanks to close cooperation with renowned research institutions, we have access to the latest technologies and information. This allows us to develop and offer solutions that are always a bit ahead of the rest of the market.

Together with our industry and research partners, we form an innovation network that is unique in the agricultural sector and enables unique cross-competence product innovations. The close cooperation with leading research institutes enables us to support field trials and the efficient use of applied research for product development and market launch. Learn more about our innovation network here.

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