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About AgriCircle

AgriCircle has agronomy and technology in its genes. Our solutions are still tested and used on the farm of the founder Peter Fröhlich.

Our name stands for connecting partners and innovations in agriculture and food production since 2013.

AgriCircle was founded in 2013 by Peter Fröhlich and Daniel Markward

Since then, the company has been developing software solutions for agriculture. Early on, the company specialized in remote sensing-based modeling. On behalf of the European Space Agency, ESA, AgriCircle was one of the first companies using the Copernicus satellites to develop new methods for a better soil understanding which contributed to a paradigm shift in soil sampling.

To this day, we see ourselves as an important link between research and commercialization of agronomic applications. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to ensure sustainable food production and combat climate change.

Where currently new solutions arecreated with us

Together with our partners and customers, we contribute to more efficient and sustainable agriculture throughout Europe. Our current “hotspots” are listed here.


Flaachtal, Switzerland


(Horizon 2020 project)


Europe                              (European Green Deal project)


Poland 5’000 ha Carbon Farming


Occitanie Region, France


East Anglia, United Kingdom

AgriCircle Partner Network

Smart Farming Services

AgriCircle Partner Network

Smart Farming Services

AgriCircle Partner Netzwork

Smart Farming Services

and facts

1,9 Gt/j

1.9Gt or 11% of the CO2 emitted annually can be economically sequestered on agricultural land.

On 150’000+ hectares

our solutions have been used so far.

15+ research institutes

have worked with us to date on innovative solutions for agriculture.

+0,4% humus

If humus stocks were increased globally by just 0.4 percent each year, all CO2 emissions worldwide could be offset.

60’000 data points

of soil samples were used to develop our AI soil algorithms.

3 years

Our results show that after only three years, the switch from extensive to regenerative agriculture pays off.

10m t/j till 2026

By 2026, we want our solutions to help farmers store 10m t/CO2-eq per year in the ground.

Management Team

Peter Fröhlich
Founder & CEO
Mallku Caballero
Onur Yüzügüllü
Chief Research Officer

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