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Making sustainable food production measurable

Together with farmers and food processors, 
for more soil vitality, biodiversity and a more efficient and sustainable use of resources in agriculture.


AgriCircle is a leading provider of technologies for a more productive and sustainable agriculture. We offer networks and incentives for climate-neutral farming on a regenerative base.

Whether it is the determination of a crop’s fertilization need, soil vitality or biodiversity, we make agriculture measurable and thereby create better decision-making support and incentives to make it more efficient and sustainable.

Strategic know-how and decision support for smart farming.

Understanding food starts in the field. Big-data supported decision support provides the foundation for this. AgriCircle offers: Field monitoring, yield optimization, hazard detection and field analytics.

Data-driven regenerative agriculture as a base for carbon farming and sustainable food production.

Our goal is a sustainable improvement of soils and biodiversity without financial losses for the farmer. Measuring change is at the same time the base for optimization. Regenerative means: Measurable results – not implemented activities – count.

Services, Data and Interfaces

Standard APIS

Whether field monitoring or agronomic decision support, our standard data interfaces ensure a smooth integration into your toolbox.

Our standard APIs include:

  • A wide range of precise soil and crop parameters
  • Automatic field and crop detection
  • Compliance and biodiversity monitoring

Custom APIS

We also offer product-specific customizations.

For this purpose, we build on existing algorithms for the detection of:

  • weeds,
  • diseases and
  • physical damages

as well as our know-how in agronomic data modeling and software development.

Individual consulting

Do you need support with the conversion to regenerative agriculture practices or sourcing of regenerative products?

Do you want to simplify the data exchange or your operational processes?

Or do you simply want to ensure that the measurement method you use meets the requirements for a carbon farming program?

We help you with the planning and implementation of your project.

We are here for you!

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